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JP-S5911303-A: Polymerization of vinyl monomer patent, JP-S59116247-A: Preparation of unsaturated fatty acid patent, JP-S59116639-A: Automatic reset-type variable power type copying machine patent, JP-S59118645-A: Speed difference matching device of sheet-like material patent, JP-S5911922-A: Wheel driving apparatus patent, JP-S59122400-A: Control system for stepping motor patent, JP-S5912686-A: Speaker system patent, JP-S59129050-A: Endoscope patent, JP-S59132332-A: Material testing apparatus patent, JP-S59134779-A: Preparation of azetidinone derivative patent, JP-S59135152-A: Laminated safety glass and its manufacture patent, JP-S59138785-A: Method and device for reducing noise on operation of pump ofaxial piston and motor patent, JP-S59145088-A: Pasteurization of activated carbon filtering device patent, JP-S59145694-A: Method and device for adjusting buoyancy of airship patent, JP-S59145808-A: Cloudiness-proof road mirror patent, JP-S59146045-A: Adjusting method of optical system of copying machine patent, JP-S59149154-A: Oscillation unit for ultrasonic treating machine patent, JP-S5915051-A: Cover for easy open can with handle patent, JP-S59162745-A: Insulation of totally impregnated coil of rotary electric machine patent, JP-S59163420-A: Production of self-crimpable polyester yarn patent, JP-S59164030-A: Tableware dryer patent, JP-S59167979-A: Connector patent, JP-S59168279-A: Operation control of multistage hydraulic machine patent, JP-S59169357-A: Motor patent, JP-S59172837-A: System for transmitting common receiving signal patent, JP-S59174679-A: Roll-shaped both-face adhesive tape patent, JP-S59178720-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S59181043-A: Semiconductor switch element patent, JP-S59201751-A: Optical connector polishing apparatus patent, JP-S59209041-A: Structure of rotor patent, JP-S59209467-A: Continuous casting device and display device for vibration load of mold thereof patent, JP-S59213258-A: Generating set patent, JP-S59215937-A: Idle rotation control device of engine patent, JP-S59216704-A: Pneumatic radial tire patent, JP-S59217597-A: Mast rail structure for forklift truck patent, JP-S59218100-A: Balancing fader interlocking with seat patent, JP-S59219521-A: Magnetic bearing patent, JP-S5922009-A: Method and device for automatic focus adjustment patent, JP-S59229590-A: Graphic panel combination teaching aid patent, JP-S5923095-A: Scroll compressor patent, JP-S5924407-A: Noise canceller patent, JP-S5925098-A: Mechanical lubricator for oil rotary vacuum pump patent, JP-S5931782-A: Separation of product able to alkoxylate halosilanes simultaneously patent, JP-S5937359-A: Transmission gear controller for vehicle patent, JP-S5940317-A: Detector for head using time of recorder patent, JP-S5944206-A: Method and apparatus for molding and filling rod-like cosmetics patent, JP-S5947594-A: Piping member patent, JP-S59500351-A: patent, JP-S5950330-A: Pressure responding device patent, JP-S5950445-A: Xerographic material patent, JP-S5961635-A: Construction means of cross construction material made of precast concrete to src large beam patent, JP-S5966846-A: Food containing lysozyme patent, JP-S5980242-A: Massage machine patent, JP-S5990240-A: Objective driving device patent, JP-S5997195-A: Electronic musical instrument patent, JP-S5999567-A: Transmission controller patent, JP-S60103574-A: Tape spool patent, JP-S60106554-A: Structure of current feeding terminal of electrostatic filter patent, JP-S601089-A: Self-levelling damper for two-wheel barrow patent, JP-S60110220-A: Raw paper for fruit bag patent, JP-S60110731-A: Expandable vinyl chloride resin composition patent, JP-S60115799-A: Grout anchor construction method patent, JP-S60119140-A: Diversity mobile receiving system patent, JP-S60121215-A: Extracting method of billet in continuous heating furnace patent, JP-S60123768-A: Apparatus for detecting number of revolution in engine patent, JP-S60131739-A: Electron source patent, JP-S60133699-A: Circuit for firing discharge lamp patent, JP-S60135161-A: Machining method in numerically controlled device patent, JP-S60140612-A: Method of mounting pushbutton patent, JP-S60140851-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S60144066-A: Talking charge calculating device patent, JP-S60144518-A: Ignitor and device for detecting combustion patent, JP-S60146851-A: Manufacture of nitrosoamine-free n,n-disubstituted nitroaromatic amine and stabilization of same to production of nitrosoamine patent, JP-S60149203-A: Calculator of phase shifter control signal for phased array antenna patent, JP-S60151510-A: Gyrocompass patent, JP-S60159017-A: Manufacture of connected pipe by using latex patent, JP-S60165107-A: Constant output ac waveform amplifier circuit patent, JP-S6016802-A: Agent for purifying raw material gas of semiconductor, its preparation and its use patent, JP-S60172841-A: Optical switch patent, JP-S60186248-A: Plastic water-in-oil type emulsified fat and its preparation patent, JP-S60188599-A: Track structure for tunnel construction patent, JP-S60189868-A: Reaction fluid feed structure to fuel cell electrode layer patent, JP-S60190481-A: Ink for ball-point pen patent, JP-S60193776-A: Movement correcting apparatus for car patent, JP-S60195204-A: Construction of bridge leg patent, JP-S60195688-A: Sheet paper delivery controller patent, JP-S6019645-A: Paper housing device for copying machine patent, JP-S60202340-A: Pressure-reduction-degree checking device of packed body patent, JP-S60215561-A: Manufacture of lightweight aggregate from coal ash patent, JP-S60217591-A: Memory circuit patent, JP-S60218627-A: Color liquid crystal display device patent, JP-S6021883-A: Manufacture of porous ceramics patent, JP-S60228475-A: Novel 1,3-dioxane and preparation thereof patent, JP-S60238027-A: Plate thickness control method in hot finish rolling patent, JP-S602453-A: Cover for injecting vessel patent, JP-S60249401-A: Radar equipment patent, JP-S60251017-A: Method and device for detecting state of sealing in sealed package patent, JP-S60251812-A: Walking type rice planter patent, JP-S60253977-A: Automatic analysis instrument patent, JP-S60255542-A: Finisher for car patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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