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JP-S6025668-A: Rotary edge for cutting v-shaped groove patent, JP-S60259108-A: Machine frame of working machine patent, JP-S60259938-A: Equipment for defect recognition patent, JP-S60262680-A: Ribbon-cartridge patent, JP-S6028779-A: Inverter circuit patent, JP-S6031022-A: Method of discharging material to be measured in combination scale patent, JP-S6036222-A: Article conveying device under high-vaccum patent, JP-S6036776-A: Nozzle patent, JP-S604099-A: Core for pasted rag picture and manufacture thereof patent, JP-S6042610-A: Thickness measuring device patent, JP-S6042942-A: Emergency alarm broadcast receiver patent, JP-S604422-A: Mount construction for vibrating body patent, JP-S604687-A: Connector for pipe patent, JP-S6046897-A: Compound working press patent, JP-S60501413-A: patent, JP-S6055596-A: Microcomputer with nonvolatile ram memory patent, JP-S6055861-A: Control circuit of inverter patent, JP-S6056235-A: Static imbalance measuring device patent, JP-S6058789-A: Steroescopic image pickup system patent, JP-S605924-A: Controlling method of frictional stress to object to be penetrated into soil patent, JP-S6063068-A: Light stinulating apparatus patent, JP-S606558-A: Device for housing and sending out medium patent, JP-S6069479-A: Differential pressure ventilation cooling device and method of shielding containing case in differential pressure ventilation cooling device patent, JP-S6071752-A: Interlaced nonwoven fabric patent, JP-S6072891-A: Pyrimido(4,5-g)quinoline and intermediate patent, JP-S607501-A: Controller for flow rate control motor patent, JP-S6075373-A: Rotary type cereal grain selector patent, JP-S6077057-A: Slip make-up device patent, JP-S6078208-A: Low nox burner patent, JP-S6080640-A: Connection of u-shaped concrete block patent, JP-S6081769-A: Grid framework for lead storage battery patent, JP-S6083111-A: Flow rate controller of branch line patent, JP-S6083918-A: Electrochromic element patent, JP-S6084511-A: Optical information reader patent, JP-S6084527-A: Phototropic spectacles frame patent, JP-S6088003-A: Production of resin for use in toner patent, JP-S6089194-A: Key telephone set patent, JP-S6090678-A: Screwing driver patent, JP-S6091555-A: Nonaqueous electrolyte reservoir with lead terminals patent, JP-S61101244-A: Carbon dioxide adsorber patent, JP-S61107053-A: Pressure reduction heater patent, JP-S61107218-A: Liquid-crystal display element patent, JP-S61110623-A: 4-wheel driving car patent, JP-S61113325-A: Demodulation circuit patent, JP-S61118671-A: System for measuring efficiency and characteristics of solar cel patent, JP-S61123698-A: Flow enhancer polyester to hydrocarbon patent, JP-S61128977-A: Membrane type artificial lung apparatus patent, JP-S61130750-A: Hot air space heater patent, JP-S6113205-A: Optical fiber connector patent, JP-S61132610-A: Method for dismantling and washing of used spinning pack patent, JP-S61135602-A: Cleat system of sports shoes, especially, football shoes patent, JP-S61146796-A: Method for making lithium tantalate single crystal into single domain patent, JP-S61148847-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-S61153057-A: Static hydraulic type continuously variable transmission patent, JP-S61155578-A: Unlocking apparatus patent, JP-S61164968-A: Sealing vessel patent, JP-S6116720-A: Radiant bath cover patent, JP-S61167443-A: Method for reducing organic and inorganic substance by using magnesium-water system patent, JP-S61168095-A: Electronic cash register patent, JP-S61171067-A: Aggregate cell patent, JP-S61171900-A: Variable width diffuser assembly of centrifugal machine patent, JP-S61177297-A: Card case and molding method thereof patent, JP-S61178808-A: Funnel device patent, JP-S61180363-A: Article sale system patent, JP-S61188626-A: Microprocessor patent, JP-S6119331-A: Head of multilayer extruder patent, JP-S61199692-A: Manufacture of full aditive wiring board patent, JP-S61200502-A: Optical filter patent, JP-S6120252-A: Rotary head assembly patent, JP-S61212396-A: Treatment of sewage patent, JP-S61216699-A: Production of antibiotic substance b-41d patent, JP-S61217329-A: Method of covering vessel with heat-shrinkable film patent, JP-S61219546-A: Gripping operating device at short stroke patent, JP-S61221448-A: Floor structure patent, JP-S61221576-A: High frequency modulation ac/dc converter patent, JP-S6122223-A: Strain sensor patent, JP-S61224383-A: Power source unit for laser tube patent, JP-S61228355-A: Method and apparatus for automatically detecting agglutination reaction patent, JP-S61228743-A: Data transfer system patent, JP-S61238639-A: Wound-up layer article of polyester film patent, JP-S61241333-A: Metallic ingredient for incorporation into synthetic resin patent, JP-S61242809-A: Screw for thermoplastic resin patent, JP-S6124960-A: Freezing refrigerator with ice temperature chamber patent, JP-S61262081-A: Dc regulated power source patent, JP-S61269913-A: Method for controlling learning of roll gap in cold rolling patent, JP-S61270276-A: Painted natural marble patent, JP-S61275666-A: Measurement system for dc voltage gain patent, JP-S61280111-A: Multi-stage filter circuit patent, JP-S61280979-A: Ribbon control system patent, JP-S61284572-A: Discharge electrode patent, JP-S61290539-A: Cue managing system patent, JP-S61291018-A: Gas permeable laminated body patent, JP-S61295733-A: Transmission system for high frequency synchronizing signal patent, JP-S61296035-A: Double-layer prepreg and production thereof patent, JP-S6131517-A: Method and device of detecting underground installation state of drain material patent, JP-S6136121-A: Production of arsenous acid having high purity patent, JP-S6144129-A: Quenching apparatus patent, JP-S6145451-A: Reproducing device patent, JP-S6149581-A: Video signal processor patent, JP-S6149835-A: Reclaimed tire patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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